Ordering Hummingbird Systems

Ordering Hummingbird racks and panniers is a relatively simple process, but there are many details which must be discussed, including the timing of the order.  If it is the fall of the year and you'd like your racks and panniers for the following summer, then it is the time to order, especially if you are ordering racks at the same time as panniers.  I send racks out to be powder coated, painted or plated and this sometimes takes many months.   In addition, I always have a backlog of orders.

The ordering process consists of going through a checklist of details covering everything from pannier colors (royal blue with black is standard), to fabric types, zipper type, divider designs and many other pannier details.  There are also many rack designs and features to consider which may include the type of rack-to-bike mounting (custom or Pivot-Mount designs), possible bracing, choices of specific brazed-on fittings such as strap guides or custom designs for lighting systems, or other custom work that I commonly include in the building of the racks.  If you are ordering Hummingbird RP panniers to be used with an off-the-shelf rack, we'll discuss mounting systems and other details that relate to how the panniers are custom designed to fit racks which I did not build.

I build high-performance gear, and it is my goal to set you up for touring as well as I possibly can.  Therefore, I'll need to know how much gear you intend to carry (by weight and by volume in cubic inches) so that we may determine how your panniers will be designed.  And I'll be asking some questions with regard to heel clearance, so I'll need to know your shoe size and the length of the chain stays of your bicycle.  It's a thorough process.

Regardless of what you order, there are details which must be discussed over the phone.  All orders are placed by phone and paid in full at the time in which they are placed.  My phone number is: 541-550-8711.