ATS Hummingbird IFT Pannier Models

All ATS Hummingbird IFT Pannier models are custom-made, and are designed as part of integral systems with Hummingbird IFT Racks, in three basic designs (single-lateral compartment, dual-lateral compartments and a modular version of the dual-lateral design). Each of the designs, or models, is made in two different lengths: a 14-inch version and an 18-inch version.  Each model may be built in a front-pannier version or to fit a rear Hummingbird IFT rack, and within each custom-built design the depth of lateral compartments is variable.  For instance, in the single-lateral design (SLC model) the depth of the compartment may be as wide as five inches or as narrow as two, as in a very low-profile front pannier.  Changing the depth of compartments is simply a way of adjusting the carrying capacity of each pannier model to meet specific touring requirements in an individual way for each customer.

ATS Hummingbird IFT panniers are only available in rack/pannier systems with ATS Hummingbird touring racks. Hummingbird racks are the only racks that are compatible, performance- and quality-wise. The 9.75 oz. Hummingbird Front Mid-Mount rack is a great example of the Hummingbird racks' rare blend of form and function.
The primary fabric of the panniers is 2.4 oz. is a durable, solution-coated ripstop nylon.  Three different reinforcement fabrics are also used.  In the areas of the panniers that require the greatest fabric strength, such as in reinforcing the area underneath the pannier carrying handles, 7.5 oz. 500 denier Cordura nylon is used.  The rear side of the panniers is constructed of a specially laminated 4.4 oz. Oxford nylon that is not only super-waterproof, but is also air-impermeable under high pressures.   A 3.4 oz. Oxford nylon is used in the bottom of the panniers, which is also an area that requires more abrasion resistance.  (As in all ATS and RBD panniers, custom fabrics are available and the location of fabric types is variable in each model, upon request.)  The standard zipper size used in the construction of each model is a 5mm YKK coil.  The zippers in all Hummingbird IFT Panniers are sewn in reverse.  That is, they are sewn in place with the zipper coils facing inward, leaving zipper coils unexposed to external wear and abrasion.  For individuals that prefer a heavier zipper, the panniers are also available with 7mm and 9mm YKK zips.

Pannier weights are highly variable, relative to how each individual model is ultimately custom-built.  14” SLC models are the lightest in weight, starting at about 18 ounces per pair.  The largest and heaviest of all the Hummingbird IFT models, the 18” Modular Transit Panniers (3,000 cu. in. capacity), weigh in at about 30 ounces per pair.

Put simply, the Solo model, when compared with any other brand of panniers, is completely in its own dimension.  Every detail in its design and construction is executed to a vastly superior standard, and all of its features are combined to develop a phenomenal performance-to-weight ratio.  Take any element of performance or design, whether it is mounting system stability, access to gear, subdivision of gear, compression system effectiveness or construction quality, and each is executed superbly in a pannier model that weighs about a third or a quarter of that of other panniers.

A rear version of the Hummingbird 18 Solo Panniers that have been custom-built to have a compartmental depth of 3.25". These ultra-stable panniers weigh about 21 ounces per pair in this custom design.
The ultra-lightweight Solo panniers were designed primarily to be used, in the 18-inch version, as a rear pannier for Phase One touring, or in a 14- or 18-inch model for Phase Three tandem or expedition-oriented touring, in which front panniers are a necessity.  This single-lateral compartment model is very narrow in profile, from two inches in depth (600 cu. in. per pair) in the 14-inch version or up to 1650 cu. in. of capacity in the 18-inch configuration, which has a lateral depth of 4.75 inches.  As in all RBD and ATS panniers, the primary compartment is vertically divided by a zip-out divider.  In the Solo model the divider is normally located in a 40/60 design in which the heaviest, most-dense gear may be loaded low, and within the forward 40% of the pannier.  For the quickest, easiest and most efficient access to gear, the front-loading design of the pannier is executed with extremely long entry zippers.  In the 14-inch version of the Solo, the entry zippers are 32 inches long, and in the 18-inch Solo the entry zippers are 40 inches long, to insure the lowest stress upon the zippers.

The Solo SLC model is always built in a pannier/rack system with a Hummingbird IFT Mid- or High-Mount Rack or one of the different designs of Hummingbird IFT Rear racks.  Both the design of the panniers and the racks vary widely in their ultimate custom-built form.  Some configurations of the system take considerably more production time in their execution, and consequently are relatively more expensive.

Base Price of a Hummingbird Solo rack/pannier system: $1395

There are no long-distance cyclists that can benefit more from high-performance touring gear than tandem tourists and those engaged in expedition-oriented touring, in which a high degree of pannier/rack stability, the fine tuning of gear-loading and the great weight reduction of rack/panniers systems can tremendously influence the ease and efficiency of their cycling and travel. For both tandem- and expedition-oriented touring, there are no systems like the Hummingbird IFT Transit Systems.  There is a reason that the Transit Panniers are included within the line of Advanced Touring Systems: they are ultra-lightweight, as well as being extraordinarily advanced in their design, craftsmanship and overall execution.

A 14" version of the Hummingbird IFT Transit model: ultra-lightweight at about 25 oz. per pair and extraordinarily stable.
Although there is a 14-inch version of the Hummingbird IFT Transit Panniers, they are designed more commonly in the 18-inch model for rear Hummingbird racks to be used in tandem and expedition-oriented touring, or in an 18-inch front pannier for tandem touring.  The overall carrying capacity of the dual-lateral compartment design of the Transti varies with the depth in which the compartments are custom-made.  The narrowest version is about 1650 cu. in. per pair (14”) and the widest about 2800 cu. in. per pair in an 18”version.  The rule of thumb is always the narrower, the better, but this model, like all other RBD and ATS panniers, is custom-built to each customer's particular needs and specifications, so several different compartmental depths are offered.

Pannier stability is critical in tandem and expedition-oriented touring and the Transit Panniers are extraordinary in their design and performance with regard to stability, by virtue of a combination of five different design elements.  These panniers have the most stable mounting system ever developed, the Ultra Lock System.  Their internal aluminum frames are the most rigid pannier backing and attachment/mounting foundation of any pannier design.  An extremely effective dual-stabilizing compression system keeps gear from moving and shifting inside the panniers in the most rugged conditions.  The Transit is the narrowest large-volume pannier available due to it's long design (in the 18" version) and overall shape.  Lastly, to augment the highest degree of stability, specially designed, super-lightweight, extruded plastic inserts may be placed in the bottom of the pannier's compartments as additional support of gear.

Base price of a Hummingbird IFT Transit rack/pannier system: $1495

Hummingbird I8 IFT Modular Transit panniers in their full form with add-on pockets in place. At about 30 ounces per pair they are the most advanced panniers ever developed for tandem and expedition-oriented touring.
In the late 1980s, when I first began building tandem-specific panniers, it occurred to me that they could be made much more versatile, and could be a much better design for single bikes as well if I were to make them in a modular version with add-on and removable pockets.  Since that time I've built many, many types of modular panniers in all sorts of configurations of compartmental designs.  The Modular Transit, superbly lightweight and stable is in may ways the most advanced of the modular designs I have created through the years.

Modular Transit panniers with their outside pockets removed: 22 ounces of superb performance per pair. They are completely in their own unique dimension of high-performance touring.
With its removable outside pockets (compartments) the modular version of the Hummingbird IFT Transit panniers offers a unique design that is the most versatile pannier design available.  With the outer pockets zipped in place each pair of panniers provides the full carrying capacity required in tandem or expedition touring.  When the outer pockets are removed, the panniers are very narrow and a great fit for tandem tours that require smaller panniers.  They are also a great design, functionally, without the additional width of the add-on pockets, for touring on single bicycles in a very high-performance manner.  Their extremely narrow shape, especially in the 18" version, reduces their wind-resistance profile and keeps touring gear as close the center-line of a bicycle as possible.  Other than the zip-on, zip-off pockets the Modular Transit model is exactly the same in all details and options to the Hummingbird IFT Transit.

The base price of a Hummingbird IFT Modular Transit rack pannier system: $1595

All Hummingbird IFT panniers are designed to be used exclusively in systems with Hummingbird IFT touring racks.  Many different designs of Hummingbird racks are extensively covered in the TOURING RACKS section of this website.  Just like the Hummingbird IFT panniers, the racks are an expression of the highest standards of design and craftsmanship and have extraordinary performance-to-weight ratios.

All Hummingbird IFT pannier models are designed to be used in conjunction with extremely lightweight rain covers.  Each rain cover is custom-fit not only to each individual model, but to custom dimensions (length and depth) that are relative to how tall and deep each pannier is custom-built (from a rack outward).  The Hummingbird IFT Rain Covers are constructed of 1.2 oz. or 1.4 oz. silicone-impregnated Ripstop nylon fabric, and are very easy to put on, and remove from panniers.  Each rain cover is designed to be as lightweight as possible and weigh as little as 1.5 ounces per pair.  Whenever possible, the Hummingbird covers are made of yellow fabric, or safety green for high visibility. 

Price: $70 per pair