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Advanced Touring Systems: An overview of Designs

Advanced Touring Systems Hummingbird IFT Panniers

ATS Hummingbird IFT Pannier Models

  • Introduction
  • Hummingbird IFT Solo Panniers
  • Hummingbird IFT Transit Panniers
  • Hummingbird IFT Modular Transit Panniers
  • Hummingbird IFT Rack / Pannier Systems
  • Hummingbird IFT Rain Covers

Lists of Hummingbird IFT / RP Designs, Features, Options, Innovations

Advanced Touring Systems Hummingbird RP Panniers Design Overview

ATS Hummingbird RP Pannier Models

  • Introduction
  • Hummingbird RP Sojourn Panniers
  • Hummingbird RP Continental Panniers
  • Hummingbird RP Modular Continental Panniers
  • Hummingbird RP Rain Covers

ATS and RBD Rack / Panniers Systems: The Critical Details of Design

Ordering Hummingbird Systems

Can High-Performance Gear Play a Vital Role in Bicycle Touring?

  • An Introduction to High-Performance Gear
  • Performance: a Combination of Many Complimentary Designs
  • The Influence of Independent Builders
  • The End of Quality Racks / The Worst Becomes the Best
  • The Alchemy of Advertising: Introduction
  • Isolation
  • Media Deception
  • Selective Amnesia
  • Price Deception
  • Material Costs
  • Gross Deceptions in Relation with Quality
  • Ignorance
  • Conclusion

Money For Nothin': The Golden Goose