Index of "Touring Racks" Pages

Advanced Touring Systems Racks Introduction

  • Advanced Touring System Rack Design Overview
  • Custom-Quality Craftsmanship / Fillet-Brazed Joinery
  • Rack / Pannier Systems
  • Chrome-Molybdenum Steel Tubing

Lists of ATS Rack Performance Designs, Features, Options, Innovations

Advanced Touring Systems: Hummingbird IFT Rack Models

  • Hummingbird Mid-Mount Front Touring Rack
  • Hummingbird Standard High-Mount Front Rack
  • Hummingbird Tandem High-Mount Front Rack
  • Hummingbird Standard Rear Rack
  • Hummingbird Tandem Rear Rack

Advanced Touring Systems: RD/EX Hybrid Racks

  • RD / EX Hybrid Mid/high-Mount Front Rack
  • RD / EX Hybrid Rear Rack

Expedition Hybrid Models

  • Expedition Hybrid Mid / High-Mount Front Rack
  • Expedition Hybrid Rear Racks

ATS and RBD Rack / Pannier Systems: The Critical Details of Design

  • Pannier Custom Four-Point Mounting Systems
  • Four-Point Mounting Systems
  • Hummingbird Ultra-Lock Four-Point Mounting System
  • RBD Dual Tension-Strap Four-Point Mounting System
  • RBD Single Tension-Strap Four-Point Mounting System
  • RBD Cam-Lock Four-Point Mounting System
  • RBD Pivot-Lock Four-Point Mounting System
  • RBD Four-Point Adapters Designed for Non-ATS Racks
  • Pannier Compression Systems and Support Designs
  • Highly Effective Compression / Stabilizing Systems
  • Polyethylene Perimetric Stiffeners
  • Pannier Gear-Loading Designs
  • A Design of Optimal Pannier Dimensions
  • Optimal Gear-Loading Design (Steps One Through Five)
  • Unique Pannier Construction and Weight
  • Lightweight, Multi-Fabric Pannier Design and Construction
  • Internal Frames and Relieved-Plate (RP) Stiffeners
  • Aluminum Dial- and Triple-Relieved Plate Stiffeners in 3 Sizes
  • Aluminum Internal Frames (IFT), Hardware and Rack Structure
  • Integrated Pannier Mounting and Custom Fasteners
  • Integrated Rack / Pannier Mounts
  • Integrated Pivot-Lock Four-Point Mounting System
  • Pannier Mounting System Hooks and Fasteners
  • Rack Platform Designs
  • Top Platform Designs
  • Touring Rack Side Platform Designs
  • Innovative and Symbiotic / Minimalist Side-Platform Design
  • Rack Triangulation and Flare
  • Rack Flare
  • Integrated Triangulation Struts
  • Dual Triangulation
  • Rack Mounting Designs and Mechanisms
  • Rigid Connectors
  • Pivot-Mount, Non-Custom Mounting Mechansim
  • Triple Mounting Positions for Front Mid-Mount Rack
  • Rack Quality, Joinery and Custom Fittings
  • Fillet Brazing / Seamless Rack Joints
  • Chrome Plated Racks
  • Strap Guides
  • Custom Head light / Taillight Fittings and Designs

Ordering ATS Hummingbird, RD / EX Hybrid and Expedition Hybrid Racks