Ordering ATS Hummingbird, RD / EX Hybrid and Expedition Hybrid Racks

All ATS racks are completely custom-built for each individual customer, to their particular specifications.  Each rack model may be built in one of many possible configurations with a number of custom options.  The price of any individual rack is based mostly upon its complexity and hand-built production time.  For each rack I start with a base price that includes the cost of tubing, number of fillet joints, custom fittings that are essential (like an Ultra-Lock or Pivot-Mount attachment mechanism) and the cost of a powder coat finish.  To that base price I add the costs of all other custom options and details that are included as a rack is being built.  These options may include additional fillet joints, many types of custom fittings that must be machined and fabricated, necessary modifications to basic designs, custom parts to mount racks, added bracing and tubes and a type of specialized finish in paint or plating that may add substantially to the normal price of a finish.  The variables, while not limitless, are very extensive.

In recent years I have brazed and finished thousands of fillet joints, so I have a very good idea as to how much each costs to execute.  At the same time, I have made and applied hundreds of brazed-on fittings for lighting systems, so I have a good idea as to how long each type of system can take to design, fabricate and finish.  But there are also times when I have to design and fabricate custom parts that I've never made before and have to start from scratch, first coming up with a design and fabrication plan.  For these parts I do not charge a typical machinist/designer rate for one-of-a-kind-parts.  Instead, I use a much lower rate, which is my basic shop rate and is essentially at the same level as what a typical auto mechanic charges. 

When you order a rack we will go over each and every detail.  Is it to be a custom-fit rack?  Will it have strap guides?  Is there a request for a particular lighting system?  Is it to have a singular vertical pannier mounting position or is it a dual-position rack?  Is it for a bike with disc brakes?  What other types of components are blocking mounting pathways?  Is there a need for reinforcements? 

All ATS racks are built exclusively for ATS and RBD panniers and rack prices are included within the base price of a rack/pannier system.  System prices are included with each individual pannier model.  System prices are highly variable relative to the cost of a rack and its custom options and the the overall price of panniers in a system.  For instance, a front Hummingbird Mid-Mount rack is half the price of an Expedition Hybrid Rear rack, and consequently the price of an Expedition Hybrid system will be considerably greater.

I'm a custom builder and I always have a backlog of orders.  Rack and pannier orders have a considerably shorter turnaround time than bicycles orders, but I always suggest that if it is the fall and you would like to use a rack/pannier system the following summer, that you need to have your order in place.  I am quickly moving toward a time when I plan to only take orders during selected months of the year to avoid the bottleneck of orders in the spring.