Ordering ATS and RBD Panniers

Ordering ATS and RBD panniers, as they are all available with a wide range of custom options, is a process that takes some time.  I would suggest that before you call to place an order that you spend some time in the Advanced Touring Method section of this website, and that you figure out the weight and volume of the touring gear that you plan to carry.  I would also encourage you to become familiar, first by going to the lists of pannier features and option, with the optional variables in the design of the panniers.  Purchasing panniers from me has almost nothing in common with buying stock panniers from any other maker in which there are no custom options, as we will go over zipper and fabric types, the design of stiffening plates, mounting system options and many other design variables when an order is placed.

Once you have become a bit familiar with what I offer, please give me a call and we'll go over possible pannier designs in detail so that I may provide you with the best combination of features to meet your own particular needs.  Always, please call me well advance of the time that you plan to order the panniers.  I always suggest an advance notice of at least six months as my backlog of orders is highly variable.