Discovery Series Hybrid Panniers: An Overview of Design

“The Rolls Royce of bicycle packs.......the most pockets, the sturdiest construction, and the most meticulous attention to detail......superb in both design and construction.”

(The Complete Book of All-Terrain bicycles)

In the most recent bicycle industry test review of bicycle panniers in which all major brands were tested, the RBD Discovery models were rated “simply head-and-shoulders above any other pannier.”  But while the pannier designs of other manufacturers have remained the same, the vastly superior RBD Discovery models have continued to evolve extensively and their level of performance is now on a very different level.  They remain the most elaborately designed and detailed RBD panniers of a traditional design, and the top-of-the-line RBD panniers, but they are in a different dimension.

With the development of the Hummingbird IFT panniers, the RBD Discovery Series panniers are now offered with many new options drafted from Hummingbird design features.  Today, all Discovery models are available in hybridized versions incorporating  Hummingbird IFT and RP design features, many aimed at trimming weight while maintaining the highest levels of performance.  The Hummingbird panniers changed everything, bringing elements of performance to panniers that simply had not previously existed.  Through hybridization they made the Discovery panniers dramatically better.  As all RBD and ATS panniers are completely hand-built and custom-made, many Hummingbird details are integrated into the design of any Discovery pannier model when it is ordered.

Discovery Hybrid panniers have many features that have never been executed in any other panniers, such is offering all pannier models in several vertical sizes, with custom-designed compartmental depths. This feature allows panniers, relative the their carrying capacity, to be as narrow as possible.
The performance potential of the Discovery models has evolved, but the design focus remains on an unaltered path in creating the most-advanced panniers of a “conventional” design that may be used for commuting, long-distance touring on paved roads and in the most extreme expedition off-road conditions.  Their blend of perimetric stiffeners as load supports, the most advanced four-point mounting systems, very precise gear-loading systems and superbly effective compression/stabilizing systems provide unparalleled stability to augment the handling characteristics of touring bicycles to the highest degree.

In keeping with a theme of superb performance, all Discovery models are built only for Advanced Touring Systems touring racks to create an unrivaled combination of stability, dependability and quality.  In addition to their extraordinary level of stability, they also feature the most advanced front-loading design which creates the best access to gear of any panniers by virtue of extremely long entry zippers that open into as many as 11 pockets and compartments.  Compression panels, elaborately designed mesh pockets, five-fabric construction, relieved plate stiffeners and other elements of design that are totally unique to ATS and RBD panniers are combined with transcendant, hand-built craftsmanship in developing “the finest panniers in the world.”

All RBD Discovery Series panniers are custom-built for each individual customer. Choice of exterior fabrics, type of mounting system and compression system webbing, zipper size, zipper flap designs, pannier compartmental depths and pannier height relative to overall capacity (14 in., 16 in. or 18 in.) are all determined when panniers are ordered.  Many custom options are also available including extra zip-out compartmental dividers, elaborately designed mesh pockets, optional pannier colors and fabrics, relieved aluminum plate stiffeners, foam inserts for expedition use and special expedition fabric reinforcements.