Index of "Discovery Panniers" Pages

Discovery Series Hybrid Panniers: An Overview of Design

Discovery Models

  • Paradigm Panniers
  • Tandem / Expedition Panniers
  • Modular Tandem / Expedition Hybrid Panniers
  • Horizon Panniers
  • Northern Lights Panniers
  • Modular Northern Lights Panniers

Lists of Discovery and EL Hybrid Pannier Features, Designs and Innovations

RBD EL Hybrid Panniers: An Overview of Design

EL Hybrid Pannier Models

  • EL Europa 1700 Panniers
  • EL World Tour 2400 Panniers
  • EL Tandem 3400 Panniers
  • EL Modular Tandem 3400 Panniers

Descriptions of Important Design Elements of ATS and RBD Panniers

  • Introduction to Design Elements
  • Pocket and Loading Designs
  • Extensive Compartmentalization / Pocket Designs
  • Extreme Front-Loading Design
  • Zipper Designs
  • Zipper Flap Designs
  • Bombproof Zippers / Zipper Designs
  • Low-Impact Enclosures
  • Dual Zipper Pulls
  • Fabrics and Finish
  • Multi-Fabric Construction / Cordura Fabrics
  • Yellow Interior Lining Fabric
  • Seam Binding and Finishing
  • Common Options and Accessories
  • Rain Covers and All-Terrain Covers
  • Mesh Pockets
  • Custom Colors and Other Options
  • Additional Options
  • Compression Panels
  • Reinforced Aluminum-Plate Stiffeners
  • Interior Foam Inserts

Ordering ATS and RBD Panniers

What is a realistic cost for exceptionally well-crafted, high-performance bicycle touring gear?

  • An Introduction to Differences in the Costs and Execution of Touring Gear
  • A Comparison of Bikes to Bikes and Bikes to Panniers
  • A Comparison of Panniers to Panniers
  • Conclusion of Realistic Costs

Value and Price Range in Products