Lists of Robert Beckman Custom Frame Standard Features and Options

                      "His (Beckman's) designs are extraordinarily clever and his workmanship impeccable."

                      (Southwest Cycling)

Robert Beckman Custom Frame Standard Features: Standard-, Ultra- and Signature-Level Frames

  • Hardened frame tubing selected to match rider weight and riding conditions
  • Choice of seat stay and chain stay tubing selected from various designs
  • Altered, hand-shaped fork crowns (Standard- and Ultra-Level frames)
  • Fork crowns with welded-on, hand-shaped tang extensions
  • Three main lugs with welded-on, hand-shaped long needle-point extensions (Standard-Level frames)
  • Three main lugs with welded-on, hand-shaped extensions of highly variable designs (Ultra-level frames)
  • Three main lugs with welded-on, hand-shaped extensions with stone and metal inlays (Signature-Level frames)
  • Hand-shaped sockets in bottom bracket shells (all levels)
  • Hand-shaped sockets in bottom bracket shells cut in welded-on extensions (Signature-Level Frames)
  • Hand-formed fork and stay tips of a standard design (Standard-Level frames)
  • Hand-formed fork and stay tips of a purely custom design (Ultra- and Signature-Level frames)
  • Choice of integrated fastback seat cluster design (all levels)
  • Choice of side-mounted seat stays of many fluted designs (9/16" or 5/8" stays, at all levels)
  • External top tube brake housing guides (Standard-Level frames)
  • Internally routed top tube brake cable (Ultra- and Standard-Level frames)
  • Pump peg fitting on top, rear side of head tube
  • Down tube and chain stay derailleur cable guides and stop
  • Dual, triple or quadruple fittings to mount water bottles (number depends upon the type of frame)
  • Front and rear rack mounts (standard on touring frames)
  • Brazed-on cantilever / V-brake fittings
  • Brazed-on fender mounts
  • Hand-made blind seat post binder clamping barrels of several types used in side-mounted seat cluster designs
  • Stainless dropouts of several types, fork tips, rack mounts, water bottle fittings (Signature-Level frames)
  • Several types of hand-made fittings that I use to mount racks and lighting in touring frames
  • Fittings and details that I can't think of at the moment!

Custom Options of Robert Beckman Frames

  • Welded-on, hand-formed lug extensions of the forward or rear sides of the head tube (Signature-Level frames)
  • Welded-on, hand-formed lug extensions in bottom bracket shell sockets (Signature-Level frames)
  • Rack mounts on Hybrid Performance frames
  • Custom-fit front and rear touring racks (both Hybrid Performance and Integrated Touring Bicycles)
  • Custom-fit Randonneur racks (Hybrid Performance frames)
  • Specialized brazed-on fittings for the mounting of Randonneur racks
  • Fork crown and seat stay bridge machining for inverted center-pull and side-pull brake mounting
  • Brazed-on fittings for center-pull brakes
  • Hand-made tabs for the mounting of disc brakes
  • Hand-sculpted seat stay caps in side-mount seat cluster designs
  • Stainless slotted fitting mounted to rear side of right fork blade for bottle generators
  • Brazed-on chain hanger
  • Brazed-on kickstand fittings
  • Head tube extension
  • Endless possibilities for stone and metal inlays and add-ons
  • Non-symmetric lugs of many designs
  • Purely custom fittings which I have yet to design (don't be afraid to ask)
  • Custom fittings which I've forgotten about or have failed to mention