Index of "Custom Bicycles" Pages

Robert Beckman Custom Bicycles: An Exquisite Balance of Form and Function

Robert Beckman Fully Integrated Touring Bicycles: an Overview of Design

  • An Introduction to Fully Integrated Design
  • My Goals as a Touring Bicycle Designer
  • Advanced Touring Method / Gear Selection
  • Lugged Frame Construction: Custom, Opposed to Production, Frames
  • Frame Design
  • Rack and Pannier Gear-Carrying Systems

Individual Robert Beckman Touring Bicycle Models

  • Hummingbird XC 700
  • Randonneur Lite 700
  • Odyssey Trans 700
  • Expedition Hybrid 26
  • RD / EX 700 Ultima Tourer

Lists of Robert Beckman Custom Frame Standard Features and Options

  • Custom Frame Standard Features
  • Custom Frame Standard Options

My Custom Bicycle Frames and Racks: the Difference is in the Details

  • An Introduction to the Details of Design and Execution
  • Highly Customized Lugs, Fork Crowns and Racks
  • Custom-Quality Touring Racks
  • Custom-Detailed, Custom-Quality Frames
  • Highly Customized Lugs Designs
  • Altered and Refined Fork Crowns
  • Vast Range of Seat Cluster, BB Shell Designs and Tip Designs
  • Highly Refined Seat Clusters of Many Designs
  • Unique Fork and Stay Tip Designs
  • Refined, Unique Bottom Bracket Shells
  • Custom-Made Parts
  • Components and Specifications
  • Wheel Sizes to Choose From
  • Rim / Tire Weight in Performance
  • Half-Step Gearing
  • Custom Frame Components
  • Overview of Components
  • Bars, Stems, Brakes, Shifters
  • Cranksets and Drive-Train Components
  • Hubs and Wheel Design
  • Custom Lighting Systems of a Wide Range of Designs

Robert Beckman Hybrid Performance Bicycles

Individual Robert Beckman Hybrid Performance Bicycle Models

  • Eclipse 700
  • Transition 650/700
  • Event Randonneur
  • The Encore

Three Levels of Robert Beckman Frame Execution

  • Three Levels of Frame Design and Construction
  • Standard-Level Custom Frames
  • Ultra-Level Custom Frames and Bicycles
  • Signature-Level Frames and Bicycles
  • Lug Designs and Lug Thinning
  • The Structure of Lug Designs
  • Creative Lug Designs
  • The Structure of Lug Thinning
  • The Aesthetics of Lug Thinning
  • The Finish Quality of Lugs and Paint
  • Lug Edge Filing, Sanding and Polishing
  • The Quality of Lug Work
  • Quality Frame and Rack Paint: Standard and Custom Paint

Ordering Hybrid Performance and Integrated Touring Bicycles

Thoughts on the Execution of Custom Bicycles

  • Construction Quality
  • The Quality of Custom-Built Frames and Bicycles
  • Lugged-Frame and Fillet-Brazed Construction
  • Show Bikes and Low Bikes
  • Frames Built in Minutes, Hours, Days and Weeks
  • "Art", "Show" and "Retro" Bikes