Index of "Advanced Touring Method" Pages

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Advanced Touring Method Introduction

  • A Three-Phase System of Advanced Touring Performance
  • The Three W's (Wind, Weight and Wheels): the Foundation of an Advanced Touring Method
  • My Personal Guarantee of Superb Performance

Advanced Touring Method Phase One: Ultralight Touring with a Single Pair of Specialized Rear Panniers

  • Thoughtful, Systematic Gear Selection
  • Large, Heavy Items
  • Tents
  • Rain Gear
  • Large or Heavy Items Made Smaller and Lighter
  • Camera Cases
  • Towels
  • Locks and Cables, Straps and Bungee Cords
  • Little Stuff That Adds Up
  • Braided Nylon Cord
  • Flashlights
  • Allen Keys and Coffee Cone
  • Summary of Gear Selection and of Phase One

Advanced Touring Method Phase Two: High-performance Touring Utilizing Rear Panniers and a Unique Front Gear-Overflow System

  • A Unique Gear-Carrying System that Defines Phase Two
  • High-Performance Wheels as Part of an Advanced Touring Method
  • Ultra-lightweight Racks and Panniers in Phase Two Touring

Advanced Touring Method Phase Three: Important Designs in Front and Rear Rack/Pannier Systems for High-Performance Touring

  • Introduction to Phase Three
  • The Importance of Rack / Pannier Weight Reduction
  • High-Performance Racks and Panniers
  • Overall Rack Weight
  • Overall Pannier Weight
  • The Importance of Pannier Dimensions
  • Pannier Length
  • Pannier Width (From a Rack Outward)
  • Important Rack Designs
  • Top Platform Width
  • Rack Flare in Performance
  • Triangulation: Critical in Very Lightweight Racks
  • Precise Pannier Loading
  • Lateral Loading
  • Vertical Pannier Loading
  • Fore / Aft Gear Loading
  • Fore / Aft Pannier Loading: Rear Panniers
  • Fore / Aft Pannier Loading: Front Panniers
  • Fore / Aft Positional Design of Rear Racks
  • Fore / Aft Positional Design of Front Racks
  • Important High-Mount Front Rack Designs
  • High-Performance Mounting and Compression Systems
  • Ultra-Lock Mounting Systems
  • Compression / Stabilizing Systems
  • Rack-to-Frame Rigidity in High-Performance Touring
  • Custom-Fit Rack Connections
  • Unique Designs to Reduce Rack / Pannier Weight
  • Rack Weight / Symbiotic Design
  • Pannier Weight / Multi-Fabric Construction
  • Performance-to-Weight Ratios
  • A Summary of Advanced Touring Method