I Am a Custom Builder of Uniquely Inventive Designs

Robert Beckman Designs,  Advanced Touring Systems and Robert Beckman Cycles are descriptive names for bicycles and groups of products, and relate to the work in which I am involved; that of custom-building highly specialized road and touring bicycle frames, fillet-brazed touring racks and high-performance panniers, plus a vast assortment of other touring gear, all of it quite unique.  I am an individual, custom builder.  I'm a designer, an innovator and a very serious craftsman always working on improving my abilities and designs.  I'm most definitely not a business, any more than a novelist, or young person on a difficult 15- or 20-year path to become a concert violinist, is a business.  I'm not a company.  There's no mass-production here.  And as such, I work one-on-one with each of my customers, designing every product individually for every individual person.  Almost all of the products that I create currently, and especially those among bicycle frames, are true one-of-a-kind products that will never be duplicated.  I'm a hand builder unlike any other, incorporating many inventive designs, and an extraordinary range of intricate details in my products that are found in no other products on planet earth.

My work is intensely focused in two areas and among three groups of cyclists.  It is dedicated to the design and building of Hybrid Performance Bicycles, which combine highly practical frame designs, superb craftsmanship and exotic-lug frame detailing, and many custom-designed ATS accessories, to develop the most versatile of all high-performance road cycles.

I am also extremely dedicated to putting affordable, economy-versions of the most advanced, high-performance panniers ever built, into the hands of bicycle tourists who don't own my Advanced Touring Systems Hummingbird IFT racks.  In creating the Hummingbird RP, and EL Hybrid Panniers, in addition to several types of ATS Four-Point Adapters, I have developed the most sophisticated, intricately designed and detailed panniers ever built for a very wide variety of touring racks.  The panniers of these two product lines provide affordable versions of a much higher level of rack/pannier system performance than cyclists have ever experienced, for all types of touring from ultra-light to expedition touring, starting at less than 25 ounces per pair.  

It has always been my ambition to create touring bicycles, and touring racks and panniers, that greatly expand the boundaries of touring bicycle performance, and that constantly re-define the standards of quality, craftsmanship and detailing in touring gear.  I've always kept bicycle touring moving forward with innovation and advances in design.

The third group of cyclists to whom I am highly dedicated are those bicycle tourists who would like to experience high-performance bicycle touring at its most efficient, most-advanced level using touring bicycles and rack/pannier systems that are completely in their own dimension of design, craftsmanship and performance.  With my invention of extraordinarily lightweight tubular aluminum internal frames for panniers and the Hummingbird IFT rack/panniers systems (with panniers as light as 18 ounces per pair and tubular-steel racks weighing as little as 8.5 ounces), and Hummingbird XC 700 and Randonneur Lite touring bicycles, high-performance touring has taken another big leap forward. Presented throughout this website is a completely different, advanced dimension of bicycle touring, ranging from ultralight to expedition touring, from which you have ever seen.  This dimension is based upon my Advanced Touring Method and Advanced Touring Systems products.