My Perspective on Bicycle Touring: Why I Design and Create High-Performance, Custom-Made Touring Gear

It's all very simple.  I have always seen bicycle touring, and especially long-distance touring, as a wonderfully unique and highly valuable experience.  To me it has always represented many different extraordinary possibilities, and during five decades has been a very important part of my life.  Each long tour that I have taken I've looked upon as an abundantly rich, once-in-a-lifetime, life-altering opportunity.  No trip has been taken lightly.

The experience of riding a loaded bicycle 8 or 10 hours a day, camping every night in all types of weather for many months at a time and over the course of tens of thousands of miles, has illuminated the rigors and difficulties of long-distance travel.  Consequently, I've always considered bicycle touring to be more demanding, in almost every respect, than other types of cycling.  It seems only natural, given the amazing rewards, coupled with the rigors of long-distance cycling, that every possible advantage be provided in allowing each of my customers to make the most of an extraordinary experience .  So I design and build gear accordingly, in an innovative and very serious way that affords far more advantages than any other gear.  It only seems natural to me to be dedicated to finding better ways to make bicycle touring a whole lot easier and more pleasurable.